Stavros is situated in the western part of Strymonikos Gulf. It rests comfortably upon the side of mount Holomondas. It spans a relatively small area of 16.5 square kilometers. Being thus placed between a mountain and the sea, it offers great variability in the environment you enjoy as the coastline is influenced by geological forces that continuously shape it.

The beaches are extremely differentiated, depending on which side of Stavros you choose to visit. From sandy to rocky, shallow and deep, few meters away from an age-long forest. For those of you who would prefer visiting both the mountains and the shoreline, Stavros offers a wonderful opportunity as the beach is less than 5km from the mountain. Furthermore, our shores have been awarded the European Blue Flag for more than twenty years in a row and present an amazing diversity that can satisfy any taste.

Adding to that, the nearby ancient castle in the narrows of Redina, a lush valley, right next to Stavros is perfect for trekking and hiking. Moreover, only 10km away from Lake Volvi another great opportunity is offered to all the travelers who enjoy a quiet drink while admiring rich, abundant wildlife.

With a population of about five thousand permanent residents, Stavros is the center of the municipality of Volvi and the biggest of the villages in the area, offering a variety of services for vacationers spanning from organized tours to nearby islands, archaeological tours to Meteora, a variety of sea and lake activities and sports, hiking and horse-back riding to traditional Greek restaurants and multiple entertainment options.

According to writers and historians, this was the premise of what is called an ancient Mygdonic residence, in particular, a town known as Vromiskos. According to Thucydides, this town built close to the river Rihios, was the place where the famous ancient Greek poet Euripides met with his tragic end, being eaten alive by King Archaelaus' wild dogs, during one of his royal hunts. On another point, this small township played an important role in the Athenian-Delian alliance since it held a crucial strategic vantage point, the Narrows of Redina. The road between the Narrows was used by Lacedaemonian troops as an access point towards Xerxes' armies. During the Byzantine period, the region retained its strategic character as it was close to a large trade route known as Egnatia.

To all of you who prefer a more 'traditional' style of vacation, you will not find Stavros lacking in any aspect. Restaurants and taverns, bars and clubs are plentiful and there's always a party held for you to join! There's surely at least one place you have to go to every single day and lots of ways to have fun. Variety in style and pleasure is our motto here. Whether you are looking for a quiet holiday or wild vacation, we are confident that we will be able to provide it and even exceed your expectations!